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) jessica alba, megan fox and ed helms are e >>> happening right now the golden globe nominations are going on in bevel hills. we just saw a few presenters up there including jessica alba and megan fox and ed helms. >> sally field from lincoln nominated for best actress. she was fabulous. if you haven't seen it. daniel day-lewis is amazing in that show, lincoln. anne hathaway is nominated. les mis isn't even in the theaters and already nominated for a golden globe. more on tha coming up. >>> the "fiscal cliff" is fast approaching but the stalemate in washington continues. the white house is still demanding tax hikes on the top 2%. president obama did lower the amount from 1.6 to $1.4 trillion. republicans say that's not good enough. they are holding out for cuts to programs like social security. >> we'll stay here right through the new year and make sure we resolve this in an acceptable way for the american people. >> the fed chair ben bernanke says just the threat of a "fiscal cliff" is already creating uncertainty in the economy. and that is not good for the stock market. >>> "fiscal cli
was breathing again. an ambulance took the family to the hospital. the mother megan and baby macy we're told are doing just fine. >>> it is 6:49. very cool story. let's check in with tara in for sal. apparently there is an injury accident in orinda. >> that is right. chopper 2 is on the way. this is a roll over crash due to that black ice. it happened near the san pablo reservoir. we understand met that slack helicopter is on the way. up next a look at the bay bridge span. you can see traffic moving there nicely into san francisco. and in the other direction toward oakland. 6:50 let's check in with steve. >>> thank you tara. a very good morning. cold out there. very cold. few upper 20s. a are the of -- a lot of 30s and a slight breeze. some of the warmest temps are near the coast and in the city. presidio 39. cold out there. maybe local frost. air mass very dry. fog is having a hard time forming. mostly clear in the morning. partly cloudy this afternoon. chilly temps again. disregard the 50 at livermore. santa rosa 30. 35 redwood city. 33 san jose. 31 concord. 32 fairfield. windchill at 26 a
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Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3